Sunday, November 17, 2013

Wedding Planning ~ Update

Please accept my apologies for the lack of blog posts.  Life has been a bit mad.

My headaches went out of control for about a month, but thankfully the cycle broke (sorta) last week and I'm beginning to feel vaguely human again.  For me, that means moderate headaches every day instead of severe ones.

Despite feeling wretched, I did go try on some wedding dresses over the past few weeks.  But in the end, I decided to keep the one I originally bought this past summer when I visited my Mom (sorry, I'm not showing you)!  It was a spur-of-the-moment decision at the time (and I'm not remotely spontaneous), but after trying on many other dresses, I decided it's my favorite.  I've taken it to a dressmaker and she said it's a great dress and will be easy to alter.   

Here is me test driving dresses.  

Trying on wedding dresses when you're no longer a cute young thing is an exercise in humility.  And since my wardrobe consists mostly of black turtlenecks and a superior attitude, it was a bit depressing at the start.  But I got the hang of it and started enjoying myself.  If I could, I would buy two or three.
A very pretty vintage-look dress, and one of the few V-neck dresses I found that I liked.  I really wanted a V-neck dress, but almost every one of them was either totally backless and/or that tight mermaid style, making me look like a bad version of J.Lo at an Italian wedding.  

A pretty strapless dress I tried.  Thanks to the lace-up back, I more or less felt like a sausage in this.  I didn't chose it mainly because I would not have been able to sit down.

A dreamy chiffon sheath dress.  I really liked this one and I could eat ice cream all day as it wasn't tight at all. But no one else liked it as much as me.

Another attempt to find a dress with a pretty top.  But the bottom is just too plain.

In the end, I tried on about 25 dresses.

But I'm wearing the one I already paid for (sorry I can't show you)!

The dress has gold floral beading down one side (below), which was the foundation of the whole white and black and gold and blush colour scheme, so thankfully I reverted back to this dress!  
The dress I'm wearing is on the right, next to my initial accent colours.  The flower detail relates nicely to our garden theme!

Since then, we went hunting for a Matron of Honor dress for my sister-in-law.  I'm not showing you her dress either (sorry!), but here's the colour, a soft golden champagne which should look soft and neutral next to me (and we'll each carry a bushel of flowers).

Now that dresses are out of the way, I need to spend a million hours looking for shoes and accessories.  This wedding thing sure is tiring.  My standards are clearly too high.


Decor-wise, my stylist is unavailable (she just had a baby), so I can't really do much decor planning yet.  I have all my ideas together, but really have to wait until January when she's available. Then we can start sourcing decor stuff, order the cake, order paper goods, start thinking about flowers, etc.  And David and I will start working on the ceremony, invitations and food plans.

I did buy 24-place settings of this flatware (from Horchow) for a song (during a recent 30% off sale) since we're only having ~20 guests.  I hope it's nice! 
That mismatched "Hotel" flatware look

The real dilemma is china. The china at the venue is a bit heavy and contemporary.  I've found nowhere in Calgary to rent very inspiring fine china.  You can rent mismatched Grandma china or plain white plates with a gold band.  But I wanted a more refined look.  But I certainly don't want to buy 24 place settings of fine china (well, I'd like to if you want to send me the money).
Haviland Ranson, my favorite all-white pattern

So I'm thinking of using the 12-place settings I already have of my Haviland Concorde and perhaps buying another set of 12 at an estate sale.  But there aren't many old-fashioned estate sales around these parts (sadly I'm not in Atlanta or somewhere with old timey tastes) and I'm just not finding anything I like at the various antique shops.  

So I'm mulling over what to do on this front...I don't want to do mismatched.  Do you have any beautiful old white china you want to lend me (you are too kind)?

Happy weekend!


  1. Anonymous1:55 am

    I love the V neck, very flattering. Can't wait to see the secret one.


  2. So lovely. I love the dress you picked. How exciting. Enjoy every moment.
    Praying for your headaches to cease.

    1. I didn't show the dress I picked. It's a surprise!!

  3. so wish I had an antique set for 12 I could lend you... so exciting all your wedding dress try on's ...I so enjoying the program "say yes to the dress" on tv, its the only reality program I watch...
    my daughter got married a few weeks ago and is expecting in 2 weeks or so, this will be a very interesting Christmas for our family.

  4. I read your latest post (it's the 25th today) and came back to see what I'd missed. At least one or two posts, which is odd, because your blog is one I always read. I love looking at the wedding dress try ons. The chiffon one is very pretty - almost Regency in its styling.
    If I had plain white china as pretty as yours I'd gladly lend it to you!
    The gold beading sneak peek is gorgeous. Can hardly wait to see the whole thing.

    I'd much rather see these real life photos than pinning dreams - that's easy enough for any one to do - but this, this is real life!

  5. Anonymous1:09 am

    I like the chiffon best but then again I don't really like wedding dresses. Or weddings. I fail as a girl.

  6. Anonymous5:26 am

    I've never commented before on your blog, but I didn't want you to be discouraged about people not commenting on this post. I saw a glimpse of this post in someone else's blogroll with a picture of you wearing a wedding dress, but every time I came to your blog, the post was not there. Only today when you put up this other new post did the one of you wearing dresses show up. I think something was wrong. So, no worries about the comments. :)

    And you look just lovely...nothing to worry about there, either. :)


    1. Yes, I had the same problem with this post, too!!!

  7. I'm sure the one not seen is perfect. Kinda like buying a bathing suit experience. Mom made mine so it was perfect and plain. My sister wore it too.

  8. Hi, Terri! I just read your latest post and couldn't leave a comment??!! Then I noticed this post (which never appeared on my blogroll). Check your blog settings? Something is wrong, and I bet most of your readers didn't get this post. Gorgeous dress you chose! Very elegant and classy. I can't wait to see you in it :)

  9. Yes I had posted it and then withdrew it to add another photo and then it seems to have disappeared for everyone. Odd. Oh well, glad it's there's now. Xox

  10. Yeah, that happens when you take down a post; it never shows up in the reading list again. I'm thankful I'll never have to pick a wedding dress. There's just too many options. I actually like the vintage one. The Horchow silver seems pretty too; great idea to make a set of mismatched pieces. Have you considered buying new, simple, plain white place settings at somewhere like Crate and Barrel that complement your Haviland? You could use it later for casual parties where you don't want to use your good stuff.

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  12. What about Replacements, Inc. for your china pattern?

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