Sunday, May 19, 2013


We are having a lazy weekend.

It's Victoria Day on Monday so everyone has a holiday!

Work has been demanding and tiring lately and headaches have been bad, so this weekend I don't feel like doing absolutely anything.  

I did re-arrange the sideboard with a pretty bough from our apple tree:
I bought the little mirror in St. Petersburg, Florida in February.  The candlesticks are crystal, from a set of five I received as a gift.  The vase was my Grandmother's.

I spent the entire evening yesterday looking at decorating magazines and listening to classical music, so I feel vaguely rejuvenated.

I have some upholstery projects I need to do, and found this gorgeous blue and white fabric in Elle Decor (April 2010).  Isn't it lovely?:

I have no idea who makes it, so if you have any suggestions for something similar, do let me know.  I have an antique chair that would look smashing in a similar fabric.

Happy Sunday!



  1. Love your little mirror! You always seem to bring something special back from your many trips :-)

  2. Anonymous4:40 pm

    Your vignette is lovely. So sorry that headache interferes with your pleasures, and I can certainly empathize . . . used to be plagued with migraine.

  3. Sorry to hear about your headaches- I hope someday you find some real relief. I love The vignette with the crystal candlesticks- so pretty! I have no idea about the fabric but I do like it!

  4. I am fine, hope you are too. Spring is here, and summer to come.


  5. Your weekend sounds wonderful. I would like a weekend like that but it seems there's always something preventing it.

    Is that pretty mirror from the taco store?

    No clue about the fabric. It doesn't look at all familiar. I wonder if it's vintage?

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  7. What a pretty mirror, Terri! So unique. Looks like a sunburst, but much prettier. Fabulous find! Have a wonderful weekend. We have a long holiday weekend - Memorial Day. xo, Loi

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