Saturday, July 21, 2012

Dreamy: Chair Love

I am awaiting delivery of a new off-white chair for the living room.  

But wouldn't you know it, I have fallen in love with another chair.  I had hoped to replace both chairs, just not so soon!  

We have an old chair in the room that David simply loves, but in my doesn't work with the new scheme (and belongs with its matching sofa which has been deployed to the TV room).  

Here is the new chair.  It's just the style I wanted for the spot...a firm, small-scale occasional-type chair.  I like to have a variety of seating and often find that older guests prefer a more upright chair (easier to get out of).  It would also better suit the small space.

The new chair is perfect, but I don't think I'll have much luck convincing David we need it.  Plus, he won't want to give up his old reading chair, even though the new off-white chair (soon to arrive) will make a perfect reading chair.

I think the lines of the new chair are lovely.  It was surprised to learn it is a Sarah Richardson design.

What do you think?  Any plan of attack I should use in my conversation with David?  Begging?  Crying?  Bargaining?  Promising to cook dinner every day for a year?  Hmm.

xo Terri


  1. hi terri!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    don't get rid of david's chair. i think it adds character to the room and keeps it from looking too perfect. but really, what do i know?!

    hope all is well with you honey.


  2. That IS a great chair. I vote for the crying.

  3. Oh, such lovely lines to that chair...if only it was available in the UK I'd be extremely tempted myself!

  4. Just do it. He'll adjust.

  5. AHHhhhhhhhhhhhh! I have fallen in love with it too! Omg! Oh wow!
    Okay plan of attack! Do what I do. Play the quiet distant role. HE will say, "Honey what is it?"
    You reply, oh nothing. Do it a few times, with a few sighs and then you go for the kill:
    Oh honey, I'm just being silly, I mean how could I have known that there was a chair out there that I would love even more. I'll get over it. No worries. (sigh).
    Works every time. . . Hee Hee Good luck, Keep us posted.

  6. Ha ha, I'm with for the crying :-) I like the chair a lot. Do you all have the option of trying furniture / floor sample pieces before buying? See how it looks at home. Hope you are enjoying your Sunday.

  7. I'm with Vee!

    Anytime I've talked myself out of buying something I truly love, I've regretted it for a long, long time. I'm still thinking about an armoire I should have purchased 20 years ago! And I'm still kicking myself over some gorgeous fabric I should have bought that is no longer available. Heavy sigh.

    It's funny how you wait and wait and finally find something you love after months (or even years) of searching and then a short while later you find something ELSE you love, too.

    I think the chair of your dreams will look amazing with your sofa and other new chair. Go for it!

  8. Thanks everyone! I can feeeel the love.

    No, the chair is on sale and they won't let me bring it home on approval, not even overnight. I think that's a bit uptight. I think I will ask again.

    xo Terri

  9. Lovely chair. Perhaps when he decides the arriving chair is too comfortable to pass up he will relinquish the one you don't like.
    Or you could cry.

  10. That is a great chair....which store is it at? I am looking for some great home furnishings stores in Calgary =) You could always pull the Happy Wife, Happy Life for me every time

  11. is stunning! What an wonderful chair. Hope you get it Terri.
    Ness xx

  12. I love the lines of that chair. The colour, too. I'm with Vee on this one. But what is it with men and their chairs?

  13. Anonymous11:25 am

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  14. Anonymous7:02 pm

    Love the chair - style, scale and colour!

    I vote for taking hubby out for lunch and stop by the store (betting it is Maria Tomas) so he can see and more importantly sit in it - if he knows you love it he may just be convinced! NB in Ontario

  15. I vote yes to that dreamy chair and lots of bribery!
    Do what I do, do it and see if anyone takes note~

  16. Anonymous4:52 am

    j'apprécie ton design mobilier,le mien est vraiment plus coloré style à l'africaine et l'Orient