Sunday, March 25, 2012

Winter & Summer Pillows

I'm already scheming pillow concepts for the new sofa.

For summer, I've been considering a pretty pale blue since there's a splash of blue in the rug and I have some blue pottery pieces to use. When Steve suggested the same thing, I knew it was kismet!

I am fond of this Schumacher fabric, Celerie Kemble's Hot House flowers in Mineral. The pale blue and ecru in this are perfect, not too busy for someone as pattern-averse as me:
Ideally, I'd replace my rug with a neutral one (my budget is zero right now) so I can add more pattern (it must be spring because I'm suddenly craving colour!). I love this lamp. I think they'd both look smashing with the new neutral sofa (ideally sans the current rug):

For the winter, I've decided to use these two greige fabrics. The lighter one will make two square pillows and the darker a lumbar pillow for the sofa and (future) chair. I need to find a subtle patterned fabric for an accent pillow. I love solids most of all and don't find them one bit boring but a little accent fabric would perk it all up:

A wonderful blog reader, Susan, in North Carolina, who does a ton of upholstery and decorating, sent me a whole box of velvet fabrics to choose from and I will get a couple of yards from her. Isn't that kind!?
I am so touched by her generosity!

I also thought I'd show you the pretty flowers I added to my console table vignette (no, I have no problem with carnations...I am not a flower snob). I am still hovering over this vignette, as I'm thinking about green accents for the living room, as I always loved the previous sage-coloured furniture:
I also thought you might like to see my e-reader (above, right), which is covered in an oyster-pearl jacket that is so pretty! I got this for Christmas. People clearly know my tastes!

Have a great week! xo T.


  1. Oh I am so glad that you like carnations. They are almost my favorite flower for their staying power.

    Wow. That is a thoughtful gesture on your blogging friend's part.

    Enjoy dressing the sofa. I know it will be beautiful in all seasons.

  2. Those are carnations? I wouldn't have known. They are lovely! So is the patterned pillow and I like the colors of the velvet samples you are considering for winter. Pretty!

  3. The pillow, the lamp, the velvet - oh my! All beautiful.. what a lovely post!

  4. You should link up with Small but Charming's Flowers in the House party tomorrow.

  5. I adore your ideas for the new decor and the Hothouse Flowers fabric...ahhhh! The velvets as well!

    I hope you will come and see the feature I have on an amazing sculptor.

    Art by Karena
    The 2012 Artist Series

  6. Elegance! Pure Elegance. Love that first pillow too. Love that greyish blue, beautiful!

  7. I happen to like solids too. I think that texture (i.e. velvet) in lieu of pattern is a lovely subtle detail. I like the varied neutrals you are using as well, very soothing.